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production process
Set research and development, production, sales, service as one of the formal electric furnace manufacturing base



since Automatic numerical control machine tool, laser cutting and blanking. With the help of computer drawing, the discharging accuracy can reach 0.02mm.



The machine tool is controlled by microcomputer. According to the equipment drawing, input the data of bending and folding into the control panel of the machine tool, place the steel plate, operate with one key, and make precise molding.



3. The experienced welding master will weld the steel components of each part of the finished material into a whole equipment frame, and the special slicing master will polish the steel components. Ensure that each weld is closely linked and smooth.



4. Luxurious and beautiful two-color imported epoxy powder electrostatic spraying, bright color, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long-term color fastness.



5. Put the heating elements into the furnace, and then put them into the furnace. Professional testing master to carry out the debugging before leaving the factory to ensure that all functions of the equipment are qualified, and confirm that the equipment is qualified.



The qualified products are put into the delivery area. Luoyang Liyu kiln Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing all kinds of electric furnaces. The temperature can reach 800 ℃ - 2200 ℃ (the average upper limit in the industry is 1700 ℃). The furnace size can be customized.



7. The equipment surface is wrapped with waterproof film, filled with foam board, packed in wooden box or carton, waterproof, shockproof and anti falling.

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8. The goods were delivered directly to the factory near Luoyang and installed on site at that time. All over the country, we have long-term and stable cooperation with deppon, Shunfeng, Anneng, Huayu, Baishi logistics and other transportation companies to ensure the safe, fast and punctual arrival of the equipment.