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Logistics distribution
Set research and development, production, sales, service as one of the formal electric furnace manufacturing base

  I. order process:

1. After the contract is signed, the finance department receives the payment in advance, orders the goods, and the logistics department arranges the delivery! Under normal circumstances, it is guaranteed that the goods will arrive in three days, and in special remote areas, the goods will be delivered within one week. After the equipment is loaded and delivered, we will inform the user of the delivery order number, which can be inquired and tracked online, or the driver's telephone license plate, so as to avoid mistakes.

2. When signing the contract, the supplier shall be responsible for the freight and packing of wooden cases. In principle, fadepang logistics is preferred (fast, safe and reliable, and can be tracked throughout the whole process. Generally, point-to-point service from the supplier to the demander is implemented). For equipment accessories with light weight and small volume, sf-sf or expedited logistics can be contacted by telephone.

3. Warmly remind the friends who want to buy electric furnace that they should not be greedy for cheap price when purchasing. They must make accurate judgment on the product quality, scale and after-sales service of each manufacturer, and then choose to buy.


  II. Description of logistics distribution service

   1. Delivery mode: Luoyang Liyu kiln Co., Ltd. provides logistics express, express door-to-door and free door-to-door distribution.

  2. Precautions for receiving goods

(1) when receiving the goods, the consignor can check and accept all indicators of the packing list of equipment quantity on the spot. If the packing box is damaged, it can refuse to sign for it, or contact our logistics department directly or claim for compensation from the logistics company (please refer to the logistics distribution agreement for details).

(2) when the recipient signs for the package, please check whether the outer package of the product is intact, whether there are external damages such as being pressed, trampled, soaked in water, etc., and whether there are traces of secondary unsealing, etc. if the above situation occurs, please point out to the courier or the staff of the logistics freight station and refuse to sign.

  3. Logistics delivery time:

(1) after the order is successful, our customer service personnel will inform you of the expected delivery time of the equipment by telephone or fax.

(2) please make your payment in time based on your payment time.

(3) please be sure to fill in your name and specific delivery address and contact number in the contract, so that you can receive your equipment in time.

(4) for customers who need delivery on holidays, please note in the order message to avoid delay in receiving goods.

(5) please leave the exact address for your order.

(6) due to the large daily shipment volume of Luoyang Liyu kiln Co., Ltd., we will complete the delivery process within 2 working days after the establishment of the order; as the specific delivery is completed by logistics, it will take 2-7 working days (depending on your city) to deliver the goods to you. Therefore, in general, we will deliver your goods to your designated place within 2-3 working days.

  4. Logistics distribution scope:

Luoyang Liyu kiln Co., Ltd. delivery network has covered all regions of the country, please feel free to order!

  5. Logistics distribution process:

After the buyer places an order, Luoyang Liyu kiln Co., Ltd. will deliver the goods through the logistics company in time. After the delivery, the logistics department will inform you, and the delivery logistics order number will deliver the truck driver's telephone information. To Luoyang kiln Co., Ltd

  6. Express delivery scope:

Cities all over the country can express downwind, Shentong and other door-to-door delivery, general remote areas with Postal EMS.

  7. Delivery time:

General express delivery time is 1-2 days, some areas 3 days.

   8. Express delivery process:

When the world order can be delivered by express delivery, our logistics department will inform you of the delivery company and inquiry number. If the goods are delayed, please call the Logistics Department of Luoyang Liyu kiln Co., Ltd.

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