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Set research and development, production, sales, service as one of the formal electric furnace manufacturing base

Contact information of Luoyang Liyu kiln Co., Ltd
Sales department main sales: experimental furnace, muffle furnace, box furnace, tubular furnace, vacuum atmosphere furnace, vacuum furnace, lifting furnace, frit furnace, bell jar furnace, trolley furnace, well furnace, special customized electric furnace and electric furnace accessories (temperature range: normal temperature to 2200 ℃).
department Landline mobile phone contacts mailbox
Sales Department 1: 0379-64678999 fifteen billion seven hundred and thirty-seven million nine hundred and sixty-four thousand six hundred and sixty-six Manager Xiao liyuyaolu@163.com
Sales Department 2: 0379-62116822 thirteen billion eight hundred and forty-nine million nine hundred and sixty-two thousand one hundred and sixty-six Manager song 3323269992@qq.com
Sales Department 3: 0379-64511998 thirteen billion five hundred and ninety-two million fifty-one thousand eight hundred and sixty-eight Xiao manager


Sales department 4: 0379-64511898 fifteen billion seven hundred and thirty-eight million nine hundred and eighty-four thousand seven hundred and eighty-five Yang manager 2646258796@qq.com
fax machine: 0379-62116922      
The technical department is mainly responsible for product design and technical support. If you need customized products, please call us for consultation and come to the factory for negotiation!
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Technology Department eighteen billion two hundred and eleven million nine hundred and thirty-eight thousand five hundred and thirty-three Close work
The logistics department is mainly responsible for the packaging and delivery of products, and the provision of freight bills and logistics orders.
fifteen billion five hundred and thirty-seven million nine hundred and forty-seven thousand and ninety 0379-64511698 contacts: Ms. Chen 837581763@qq.com
The after sales department is mainly responsible for the service of the products sold. If you encounter any problems in the process of using the electric furnace, you can dial the after-sales telephone at any time
After sales department Straight line: thirteen billion nine hundred and forty-nine million two hundred and eight thousand six hundred and sixty-eight
Complaints and suggestions email: liyuyaolu@163.com

If you have good suggestions and opinions on our products during the use of electric furnace, you can send email to the above email address.

Our company will adopt modestly and improve the relevant products in time, so as to serve customers with better quality equipment.

Address: intersection of Luoyi road and Xinhua East Road, Luoyang high tech Development Zone
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