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Let the dream go far and welcome 2020

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In the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze brings warmth into Tu su. Thousands of households in the sun, always the new peach for the old symbol. 2019 is about to pass and 2020 will begin. Although we can not stop the passage of time, we hope that we can jointly dominate our future. Looking forward to the future, the future is bright, and we are full of pride.

In the past year, we have been in the same boat through ups and downs, in exchange for the performance climbing and customer satisfaction; in the performance of innovative high, we can see the hard sweat of colleagues; in the smile of customer satisfaction, we can see our loyalty. In the new year, we will redouble our efforts to create brilliant achievements. In the past year, what is unforgettable is the selfless dedication of leaders and colleagues; what is unforgettable is the full support of customers and friends. Here, we sincerely Salute every user, every friend who trusts us, and every employee of us! You have worked hard!

There are thousands of roads, and win-win cooperation is the first. 2020 is a year full of hope and a key year to meet challenges and accelerate development. This year, there will be more difficulties for us to cross, more competition to challenge and more peaks to climb together. With the hard core of "promoting production with science and technology, creating brand with quality, and creating market with brand", in the future, we will create wonderful together with our dear, broad, present and future customers and friends! High temperature furnace

Carrying forward the past and opening up the new year, holding the golden cup spring full of thousands of households; keeping pace with the times, celebrating the bumper year, spreading laughter and happiness to thousands of families. In this brand-new moment, I wish all my friends my best wishes. May happiness belong to every new and old friend.

Luoyang Liyu kiln Co., Ltd. would like to thank you for your efforts in the company's blueprint, and wish you good health and good luck! Happy family! Happy New Year! Happy every year!

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