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High temperature and high vacuum electric furnace series
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High temperature and high vacuum atmosphere furnace lyl-16qklf

Brief introduction

High temperature and high vacuum atmosphere furnace lyl-16qklf It is mainly used in vacuum quenching furnace, ceramic powder and other materials. According to the high temperature sintering process of the material, the heat resistance and insulation reliability design are ensured. The new electrode structure eliminates the electrode leakage phenomenon of the high temperature furnace, and the vulnerable parts in the heating system are easier to repair and replace.


This equipment is widely used in universities, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises. It is an ideal equipment for experiments and production of powder, electronics, metallurgy, medicine, ceramics, sulfur, glass new materials, chemical industry, metal sintering and metal heat treatment.    

Structure description( Structure  

one The carbon steel shell is welded by the professional pressure vessel factory to ensure the air tightness of the welding seam, and there is no air leakage point such as sand hole and fracture line.

two According to the requirements, the double-layer furnace shell is made, with O-type seal and silica gel gasket for sealing.

3.  The furnace door is sealed by wire cutting flange, inlaid with O-type silicon rubber ring and locked by hand wheel.

4.  The furnace can be square or round, and the furnace door can be opened electrically

five The outer surface of furnace shell is treated by electrostatic spraying and anti rust, which is beautiful and elegant.

six Alumina polycrystalline fiber high temperature furnace, beautiful and energy saving

seven In order to ensure safe and efficient use, the use of well-known electrical appliances;

eight All of them are temperature controlled

     Single platinum rhodium (s type) ≤ 1500 ℃;

     Double platinum rhodium (type b) ≤ 1800 ℃;

Description of vacuum system( Vaccum System

one The vacuum system is diffusion pump unit: diffusion pump + rotary vane roots vacuum pump; it is composed of high vacuum diffusion pump, water cooling baffle, rotary vane vacuum pump, electromagnetic vacuum belt charging valve, high vacuum pneumatic baffle valve (main valve), high vacuum pneumatic baffle valve pre pumping valve, high vacuum pneumatic baffle valve (outlet valve), front pipeline inflation valve, connecting pipeline, sealing ring, composite vacuum gauge and its accessories Electric cabinet and other components of the air extraction system.

two It is not suitable for the unit to remove the gas which has corrosive effect on metal and chemical reaction to pump oil. It can be used as a high vacuum acquisition device for high-tech equipment such as vacuum smelting, vacuum sintering, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum coating, vacuum brazing, space simulation experiment equipment and so on. The working environment temperature is 5 ~ 40 ℃, the relative humidity is not more than 85%, and the cooling water temperature is 25 ℃ + 5 ℃.

three The limit pressure of the unit is 1 × 10-3 PA, the service pressure is 1 × 10-2 PA, and the pumping time is about 1 hour.

four The diffusion pump can not form air extraction alone. The system pressure must be reduced by the front stage pump. The starting pressure of diffusion pump is generally ≤ 10Pa.

five A new type of water-cooled baffle is installed at the air inlet of diffusion pump, which can effectively prevent the oil vapor in the diffusion pump from flowing back into the vacuum chamber and avoid the pollution to the experimental instrument.

six In order to prevent the vacuum oil in the front stage pump from flowing back into the diffusion pump cavity when the pump is stopped, a solenoid valve must be equipped at the air inlet of the front stage vacuum to automatically isolate the system pipeline when the pump is stopped.

seven The valves are pneumatic, easy to operate.

eight At the beginning of pumping, the system is equipped with a pre pumping pipeline, and the extracted gas is directly extracted by the front pump without passing through the diffusion pump, so as to avoid the pollution of the gas in the pumped vessel on the diffusion pump (moisture, volatile matter, impurities). When the pressure of the pumped vessel is reduced by * * 10 Pa, close the pre pumping valve and open the baffle valve, and the diffusion pump starts to pump gas normally to the pumped vessel.

Qualification & Honor

Quality management system certification GB/T19001:2016 / ISO 9001:2015   european union CE Certification: "Luoyang civilized and honest management demonstration enterprise" Electric furnace industry leader in China Quality, service, reputation AAA enterprise Products can withstand the inspection of professional testing institutions, and a third-party identification certificate can be issued if necessary.

Main functions & Features

one Wide temperature range 800 ℃ - 1800 ℃ (optional)

two Vacuum degree can be higher than 10-3pa (optional)

three Energy saving, power saving, environmental protection and pollution-free (furnace material high-purity composite alumina / Ceramic polycrystalline fiber, light weight, less heat storage, energy saving, half power operation on average)

four Easy to replace   Energy saving and time saving (high quality resistance wire / silicon carbon rod / silicon molybdenum rod, long service life and convenient replacement)

five Separate control cabinet, easy to operate, more humanized

six High temperature control accuracy (high quality instrument, temperature control accuracy ± one The third party test certificate can be issued for the instrument

seven Good uniformity of furnace temperature (reasonable layout, balanced temperature field, no dead corner in furnace chamber)

8.PLC Touch screen temperature control, adjustable heating rate, automatic operation

nine Over temperature, over pressure and over current automatic protection, with red, green and yellow working status indicator

ten The gas flow meter can select floating ball flowmeter and mass flowmeter, which can realize manual and automatic control of gas flow, and can also close the blocked gas

eleven Wide range of applications: universities, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. do powder, military, electronics, metallurgy, medicine, ceramics, glass, machinery, new material development, special materials, refractory materials, building materials, chemical industry, metal sintering and metal heat treatment, etc

twelve Double shell, air insulation, (with chiller)

thirteen The shell is sprayed with plastic, and the appearance is exquisite and generous

fourteen Good reputation and numerous customers

fifteen Good cost performance, perfect after-sales service, 1-year warranty, lifetime Door to door repair

Main technical parameters( Main Technical Parameters)


Index value

Rated voltage


Design temperature


heating rate

≤ 0.1-40 ℃ / min (adjustable)

Heating element

High quality imported resistance wire / high quality U-shaped silicon carbide rod / high-quality U-type silicon molybdenum rod

control accuracy


vacuum degree

-0.1mpa-6.7*10-3pa  (optional)


Floating ball flowmeter (optional mass flowmeter)

temperature control

touch screen Control, PID adjustment, intelligent micro-computer control, multi-stage programmable temperature control curve, no need to watch (full-automatic heating, heat preservation, power-off when opening the door)

Temperature measuring element


Furnace material

Ceramic polycrystalline fiber  / Alumina fiber / Composite alumina fiber / High purity composite alumina fiber / Imported fiber

Open atmosphere

Can pass inert protective cooling gas, such as nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon monoxide. You can also choose to close the atmosphere.

Heat dissipation mode

Double shell, air insulation layer (optional chiller for water cooling system)

Surface temperature rise


Random gift

There are 2 heating rods, 2 rods, 1 crucible pliers, 1 pair of fire-resistant gloves, and 1 Certificate for each instruction

Selection Guide( Selection Guide)


Furnace size (depth, width and height) /High diameter mm)

Supply voltage (V)

Power (kw)

control accuracy

LYL- 16QKLF -1

300*300*300 /300*300

three hundred and eighty



LYL- 16QKLF -2

500*500*500 /500*500

three hundred and eighty



LYL- 16QKLF -3

700*500*500 /500*700

three hundred and eighty



LYL- 16QKLF -4

800*500*500 /500*800

three hundred and eighty



LYL- 16QKLF -5

800*800*800 /800*800

three hundred and eighty



LYL- 16QKLF -6

1200*800*800 /800*1200

three hundred and eighty

one hundred


LYL- 16QKLF -7

1000*1000*1000 /1000*1000

three hundred and eighty

one hundred and twenty


LYL- 16QKLF -8

1500*1000*1000 /1000*1500

three hundred and eighty

one hundred and fifty


LYL- 16QKLF -9

2000*1000*1000 /*1000*2000

three hundred and eighty

one hundred and eighty


Temperature category

800 ℃ - 1800 ℃ optional

Non standard customization

According to the needs of customers, we can customize the experimental furnace of different sizes The furnace can be round or square

Standard accessories





High temperature gloves


one double

It has good comfort and can keep hands warm; it is resistant to cutting, wear and heat (it can resist contact heat at 350 ℃ for 60 seconds, and 100 ℃ for 180 seconds) for long-lasting durability.


Heating element

Silicon carbide


two branch

Silicon carbon components and use temperature is high, hard and brittle, used after molding, such as silicon carbide made of silicon carbide rod, silicon carbon tube heating temperature can reach one thousand and five hundred The operating temperature is 1000-1200 ℃ in vacuum and 1350 ℃ in nitrogen atmosphere

Silicon molybdenum rod


two branch

When heated to high temperature in oxidizing atmosphere, a dense quartz glass film is formed on the surface of the rod to protect it from oxidation. Therefore, Si Mo rod has high temperature oxidation resistance. In the oxidation atmosphere, the temperature can reach one thousand and eight hundred It can be used as heating element of high temperature furnace for electronics, ceramics, magnetic materials, glass, metallurgy, refractory, etc.

Crucible tongs


one hold

1. A common chemical instrument. It is usually used to clamp the crucible. It is generally made of stainless steel, or nonflammable and refractory hard materials.

2. Clean crucible tongs are required.

3. When taking out the hot crucible with crucible tongs, it is necessary to preheat the tongs first, so as to prevent the crucible from cracking due to local cooling. After use, the tongs should be placed upward on the table top or asbestos net.

4. After the experiment, the crucible tongs should be wiped clean, put into the experimental equipment cabinet, and placed dry.

5. The bending part is used for holding the crucible, and the tip is used for other purposes.

6. The crucible tongs may not be used together with the crucible, but can also be used alone.

Optional accessories list

Integrated control

Touch screen instrument

Remote auxiliary module

Observation window

Vents and chimneys

Hot fan

Crucible, sagger

Door plug

Furnace bottom plate



Centralized control industrial computer


Multipoint temperature measurement

Tail gas purification and treatment device

Special note

Quality assurance

The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, except for related consumables (except base plate and heating element) Lifetime door to door maintenance

Factory environment

one Indoor use;

two The ambient temperature is in the range of ± 5-45 ℃;

three The relative temperature of the surrounding environment should not exceed 85%;

four There is no conductive dust, explosive gas and corrosive gas that can seriously damage metal and insulation around the furnace.


one When the electric furnace is used for the first time or used again after long-term shutdown, it is necessary to dry the furnace, otherwise it is easy to cause furnace cracking.

two Keep it clean and regularly check whether the furnace wiring is in good contact.

three When the electric furnace is used, the furnace temperature shall not exceed the rated temperature to avoid damaging the heating elements. It is forbidden to pour various flammable liquids and molten metals into the furnace.

four In the process of working, generally below 300 ℃, the heating rate should not be too fast. As the furnace is cold at the beginning of heating, it needs to absorb a lot of heat.

after-sale service

one We promise to solve the customer's technical questions within 1 hour.

two For the equipment returned to the factory for repair, we promise to issue the test results within 1 working day and complete the repair within 3 working days. Special materials need to be customized and handled as appropriate.

three Return visit the user within 1 week after the equipment is returned to the customer, and provide free consultation on relevant technology.

Friendly tips

one For the normal service life of the equipment, please do not operate for a long time Set the temperature.

two Carefully check and check the quantity of goods and accessories when receiving goods, so as to avoid inconvenience caused by less delivery and missing delivery.

three In order to prolong the service life of the instrument, we suggest that the heating rate and cooling rate should be 10 ℃ / min.

four The cooling rate should not exceed 5 ℃ / min

five The furnace has no vacuum sealing structure, so flammable and explosive gas can not be introduced.

six After the furnace is used for a period of time, tiny cracks will appear in the furnace, which is a normal phenomenon and will not affect the use. At the same time, it can be repaired with alumina coating.

Common Faults & troubleshooting

Fault phenomenon

Cause of failure

Exclusion method

Turn on the control power switch without power supply indication

Control circuit, fuse broken, no power supply

Check whether there is a short circuit and replace the fuse tube after removing it

When the equipment is running, there is voltage and no current

Heating element broken

Replace the heating element

The instrument PV shows the upper limit temperature of the corresponding thermocouple

Thermocouple short circuit

Replace the thermocouple

The power supply is normal, but the furnace can not be heated

The main control circuit is damaged

Inform professional maintenance personnel for maintenance

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